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When we started this company, one of our biggest goals was to promote a healthy active lifestyle. Being in a creative space is one of the most amazing experiences in the human journey, however, it often comes at the cost of a sedentary lifestyle. To help combat this, we made fitness a part of our daily work schedule. Instead of starting the grind with numbers, money, work, ect., we decided that the first 3 or so hours are dedicated to bettering ourselves. We start with a grueling workout and then move into martial arts drills or a cool down exercise. TO BE HONEST, its not always fun and sometimes we are down on energy; but because WE are dedicated together, we hold each other accountable to our goals and the results cannot argue. We look better, we feel better, we think better, and we perform better in every aspect of our lives. 

After this, we have a self-care time in which we practice hygiene and grooming to prep ourselves for the rest of the day. SELF-CARE is one of the most neglected things I see in our culture today. YOU are worth the time and effort. Make yourself appealing. You want to attract good energy and good opportunity in your life — that simply will not happen unless you can learn to take care of yourself first.

Now this being said, what makes this journey tough for people is motivation, dedication, and mental health. Mental health is a serious crisis. It’s a kind of vicious cycle: I don’t have good mental health so I don’t workout, therefore my body does not nourish my mind and continues to drain me of motivation… It’s a negative feedback loop. At some point we have to break that cycle. 

One very good method is to change your life influences. Stop hanging around unmotivated people. Stop surrounding yourself with people who talk you out of your own goals. They do not want you to succeed because it’s a shining light on their own failure — you don’t owe them anything. However, you do owe yourself. Find people who are doing the work. Find people motivated for change and self-improvement.

Another option is to seek professional or peer-support. There is nothing shameful about seeking resources to get you on track to the life you want. There are individuals that dedicate their lives to helping others. There are also a number of non-profits and peer-groups that meet to help with accountability, encouragement, and support. Your mental health is the key to your progress and it’s worth fighting for.

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