The Ghost in the Mirror

                We all know the feeling of looking into the mirror and being haunted by what we see. Feelings of frustration, sadness, anger and even helpless can plague our thoughts until it’s a poison that consumes every aspect of the way we think. There is just something we cannot change about ourselves. Facial features, scares and deformities. Sometimes we don’t feel like we fit into the standards of beauty.

                A lot of the time this unhealthy judgement of ourselves leads to worse thinking and an unhealthy view of self-acceptance. It can even develop into self-hate. And why? Its our insecurity. The worry and anxiety that we won’t be accepted. “She wont like me if I’m bald” or “I won’t get a date if I’m fat” or even the thought that people will make fun of us for “being ugly”.

                Self-acceptance has 2 phases to be able to help heal. The first being that we must accept certain things that we cannot change and its ok to be who we are. LOVE the person in the mirror and know that the person starting back has a life that is valuable. In other words, letting yourself know that your life is valuable. The 2nd phase is accepting that there are somethings you CAN change. This is where a lot of personal power begins.

  When we begin to value ourselves, we begin to grow discontent with our surrounding because we know that we are worth more. This is an uncomfortable, but extremely necessary part of the metamorphosis. You are right. You do deserve more. That feeling of discomfort is the beginning of motivation. This is where you have a choice. Justify your bad habits and unhealthy mindsets or change. Choose to do something about it.

I am a firm believer that the physical construct of the body is the conduit through which the mind and the “spirit” learn. When we discipline ourselves in the physical, we learn, change and grow into more. The limited aspect is what channels complex and abstract thoughts, beliefs and ideas into something that can be processed.

We have to start change where we have the power to. Our diet, our physical activity, the media and material we ingest and our finances. Even small changes in these areas can yield great results. When we value ourselves then we also value that which we have as an extension of ourselves. Then on the horizon we can imagine what we can do with those resources and how we can grow a positive platform form that. If we build stable ground for ourselves then eventually, we can also help others in the process as well.

Eventually it is my hope that people will change and grow in a positive direction and then use that space to mentor and teach others also how to do the same. That is how we change ourselves, gain purpose and create legacy. Remember that you are valuable.

-The Casual Hero

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