The Team

The Titan Team

  • Toner J. Neros

    Toner Neros is CTP’s Jack of All Trades; he helps to balance the workload between all of his fellow Titans while managing online production and social media. He is a big believer in cultivating the intellectual prowess of the mind and physical strength of the body through education and working out: “Reaching the peak of what my mind and body are capable of is an absolute must.”

  • Bray Dornback

    CTP’s leading artist and musician, Bray Dornback does it all! He’s an advocate for improving mental health through the proper training of the mind and body. His philosophy is simple yet powerful: “If you work hard and learn to balance every area of your life, you are sure to find positivity as well as be a positive influence.”

  • Kyle King

    Kyle King is CTP’s main writer for scripts, comics, stories, etc. — his creativity knows no limits. King’s motivation for training the mind and body come from his desired goals: “My brain and muscles are tools for which I can accomplish my goals; the better my mind and body are, the better I can succeed.”


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