Noir: An Anthology

About The Project

    It takes a village. Our Anthology is a collective work from the efforts our creative artists, writers, inkers, and colorists. 

The Noir world is a colorless world of black and white but is anything really just black and white?  Where the lines of good and evil are blurred, and the mysteries never end Come check out our Noir Project landing on Kickstarter! 

Noir Titles

Dex Damon

      Dex Damon is a Private Dick with a particular set of skills: he sees the supernatural forces at play in the world. From time to time, patrons hire him out for supernatural detection. He finds tempting spirits, possessed souls, and even a rare helping hand. His largest and most profitable client is the Demon Expulsion Militia (DEM), a powerful para police group that deals in all things devil. Following a chat with his angelic friend Asher, Dex joins a couple of DEM agents on another routine assignment, in spite of Ahser’s rumbles of demonic whispers concerning Dex.

H.Jekyll ,Private Hyde

     ”The city always had its secrets, a missing person, a murder. But something insidious has infected its shadows, and now real monsters are crawling out of the darkness. When monsters are the problem, a monster is needed as the solution. That’s where I come in.”

Brave Noir World

     Sioux Falls, a land of rogues and rednecks, is an outlier of the world capital, Minneapolis. After a nuclear Holocaust destroyed most of the major cities, few remained intact. In order to make sure war and devastation never happens again the new government (FED) has forced every person to be linked to a central command. They are given artificial eyes and limbs in order that they may be shut down if chaos erupts. Only a few dare stand against this order: the Natals. 

Private Investigator Oliver Grey does all he can to keep his nose clear of the FED’S and Natals’ squabbles, until an unrealistically real looking dame enters his office. Constaze Belmonte. She asks the unaskable: find the Natals. 


    As an adolescent, Charlotte is exorcised of the mighty demon, Ashteroth. Now, she’s driven to free the world of the cult who cursed her and her mother. Under the guidance of mentor, Deuteronomy, she joins the front lines in with The Judges of Melchizedek for the soul of Chicago. When a handsome vagabond settles in the city, she faces the struggle between her divine responsibilities and her growing affections for the mysterious Abraham D’aureville.

Here's some art from the kickstarter