NOIR: Anthology Abigail


From our NOIR:Anthology We present Abigail! Abigail” unveils Charlotte Wagner’s journey in 1920s Summer Valley, Illinois, where an encounter with her ex unlocks hidden powers dormant for centuries. Discover a tale of resilience and mystery as Charlotte’s life transforms amidst secrets waiting to be unearthed.

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Before the glamour of the Roaring Twenties,this exclusive begins in the rural town of Summer Valley, Illinois. Here, we meet our protagonist,Charlotte Abigail Wagner.Cornered by her ex, Marcus Van de Berg, she spends her lunchbreak tolerating his excuses. At her wit’s end, she pleaded they part on good terms— only for Markus, with a shamelss sneer, to deeply humiliate her in the presense of the good townfolk of Summer Valley.Soft-spoken Charlotte stood in shocked silence, leaving room for another presence to stand in her stead. One which awaited decades—centuries—to awaken.


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