Let Us Create For Your Business



Everything from creating sequential comic stories to graphic designs! We know the culture behind the market you are trying to hit and can help create stunning visuals to help your business thrive. Partner with us to help create the products your clients want!



Music is the emotional backbone to content. Movies, commercials, soundtracks, and albums create a feeling for people to connect to on a personal level. We can help craft your atmosphere to tell its story and create a personal link between your brand and your customers. CTP can meet your sound design needs.


Comics, short-stories, scripts and more! Writing can be difficult and time consuming, we have the experience to streamline the process and create engaging content for your brand. CTP can make your vision a reality.


Branding & Product Lines

CTP understands how much of a hassle it is to get a business started and flourishing, so we want to help you! Our team can make your creative vision into a profitable product line. Give us your ideas and we will give you a brand that demands recognition!